Our research focuses on civilian and homeland security issues. From counter-terrorism and intelligence policies to social resilience and economic aspects of security, BIGS takes on topics that are at the center of the enduring conflict between liberty, security and prosperity. We analyze homeland security policies from a local (i.e. Brandenburg), German as well as an international perspective.

Die Rolle des Bargelds aus sozioökonomischer Perspektive in Not- und Krisenfällen

  • June 2022
  • Paul Glöckner, Esther Kern, Johannes Rieckmann
  • Number 13 Perspectives on Homeland Security
  • BASIC – Resilience of Cash Supply – Security Concepts for Emergency and Crisis Situations

For years, cash has been steadily declining in importance as a means of payment, while non-cash payment systems and alternative forms of money are gaining in importance in today’s society. […]


Die Kosten des Zauderns

  • June 2022
  • Johannes Rieckmann, Tim H. Stuchtey
  • BIGS Essence Number 20

In recent weeks, economists and politicians have fiercely debated the economic costs of an energy embargo on Russia. What has gone unnoticed are the costs that arise from prolonging the […]


The Economic Costs of Illicit Trade

  • April 2022
  • Josef Lenglachner, Johannes Rieckmann, Tim H. Stuchtey
  • Number 9 Policy Paper

Illicit trade is often considered in terms of shadowy, small-scale, informal merchants and the costs of such activities, when considered beyond lost profits to intellectual property holders at all, are […]


Cyberangriffe auf deutsche Kommunen im Jahr 2021

  • March 2022
  • Esther Kern
  • BIGS Essence Number 19

2021 was not a particularly good year for the IT departments of German municipalities. This brief study examines 27 cyberattacks on German municipal administrations in the period January to December […]


BASIC – Grundlagenarbeit zur Projekthalbzeit abgeschlossen

  • December 2021
  • Tim Hageney, Esther Kern, Kirsten Wiegand
  • Contribution
  • BASIC – Resilience of Cash Supply – Security Concepts for Emergency and Crisis Situations

in: DSD – Der Sicherheitsdienst. Fachmagazin für die Sicherheitswirtschaft, Ausgabe 04/2021, S. 56-58