• Virtual Panel - CyberFactory#1

    9th of December 2-3pm (CET). Based on early results from the European research project CyberFactory#1, our panel will discuss both the opportunities and challenges represented by the digitalisation and automation of factories, including what the transition towards a new factory system of systems may look like – but also the new threats that organisations may face if security and resilience are not prioritised early in the process.

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  • Latest Study

    "Wirtschafts- und Sicherheitspolitische Aspekte eines flächendeckenden deutschen Glasfasernetzes" - How important is a nationwide fiber optic network for Germany from an economic and security policy perspective? In this study, Esther Kern, Johannes Rieckmann, Tim Stuchtey and Alexander Szanto on behalf of OneFiber GmbH analyze these aspects for a planned homogeneous ermany-wide fiber optic network along the railroad lines [...]

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  • Latest Perspectives on Homeland Security

    "Kosten der Gewalt gegen polizeiliche Einsatzkräfte" - Violent clashes between law enforcement officers and their so-called police counterparts are frequent and harmful. Both in the context of everyday services such as traffic controls, as well as in special operations around major events, from the evacuation of occupied buildings to the deployment of special forces [...]

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Economics of Security

The economics of security examines the provision of scarce goods and services that contribute to the state of security in a particular place. Security is defined as a function of Threat and Protection, with Security decreasing in the former and increasing in the latter.* This broad definition** encompasses […]

Cyber Security

BIGS is particularly dedicated to the economic and social dimensions within the research field of cyber security. Although cooperation between government, business and science regarding cyber security is improving on the national as well as international level, there is still […]

Capacity Building for the European Security Research

Besides participating in European security research projects itself, BIGS has also developed an expertise in capacity building in the respective field. As a core partner in the supportive action fit4sec for many years, we are involved in partner management of the growing fit4sec-network […]

The Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security

The Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security (BIGS) is an independent, non-partisan non-profit institute in Potsdam with the mission of building bridges between theory and practice to improve research in civil security through a multi- and interdisciplinary approach. Research at the institute seeks to analyze security issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and to supply needed insights into these issues, while at the same time strengthening Germany’s broader security architecture over the long term.

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