Our research focuses on civilian and homeland security issues. From counter-terrorism and intelligence policies to social resilience and economic aspects of security, BIGS takes on topics that are at the center of the enduring conflict between liberty, security and prosperity. We analyze homeland security policies from a local (i.e. Brandenburg), German as well as an international perspective.

Die Nutzung von UAS für zivile Aufgaben

  • August 2011
  • Therese Skrzypietz
  • Perspectives on Homeland Security Number 2
  • The Use of UAS for Civilian Missions

Unmanned aircraft or Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) are becoming increasingly important. However, UAS are not yet very present in the field of civil applications. This study identifies and critically examines […]


Strukturen des Terrors

  • Alexander Ritzmann
  • BIGS Essence Number 3

What makes a successful terrorist organization? Or to put it another way: Why have some terrorist organisations managed to be active for decades and pursue or even achieve their goals, […]


Strategien der Terrorismusbekämpfung

  • May 2011
  • Kristin Kruse
  • BIGS Essence Number 2

There has been a change in strategy in the fight against international terrorism. Defensive measures are being combined with offensive ones, as the mission in Afghanistan shows. The reasons for […]


Die Bereitstellung von Lufttransportkapazitäten im Katastrophenfall

  • November 2010
  • Maximilian Müller
  • Perspectives on Homeland Security Number 1
  • Airlift Capabilities during Catastrophes

This study will examine how appropriate air transport capacities can be made available specifically for disaster situations. The focus here is on a provisioning option that involves the least possible […]