FERMI – Fake nEws Risk MItigator

Project Description

Millions of citizens across Europe use the Internet and social media every day to read news and search for information. Unfortunately, there are actors who take advantage of these tools to spread disinformation and manipulate public opinion. This creates distrust of science, journalists, and government agencies.

Comprising a set of innovative technological developments, FERMI will facilitate European Police Authorities to detect and monitor the way that Disinformation and Fake News spread, both in terms of locations and within different segments of the society, and to put in place relevant security countermeasures. It will also produce and disseminate tailor-made training material designed for European Police Authorities, security professionals and stakeholders, as well as for EU citizens in the view to limit the spread and impact of Disinformation and Fake News and increasing digital trust. The consortium is led by the University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and Legal Affairs in Bavaria. BIGS will primarily work on a methodology to make the costs associated with disinformation and its most visible effects in the form of extremism, more transparent and predictable. The project, with 17 partners from 11 countries, is funded by the EU Commission under the Horizon Europe framework program with nearly four million euros and will run for three years.

The press release for the project start can be found here.

Contact Person

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Tim Stuchtey.

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