Creation of Security Analyses in Saxon Municipalities

Project Description

In the project, which is funded by the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior, the BIGS is working together with the Neue Köhler Management Gesellschaft and the IABG to create and conduct citizen surveys. The aim of the project is to analyse the security situation in the Free State of Saxony and, in particular, to record the perception of security of the population living there.  

An important component of this analysis are the surveys on the perception of safety in the Saxon municipalities. These are also intended to serve as a basis for the development of municipal prevention strategies. For example, in these surveys the prevalence of different forms of crime, the municipal development, the feeling of well-being within the municipality, and the presence of law enforcement officers are addressed. In addition to crime experience and victimisation as well as subjective perceptions, possible correlations with, for example socio-economic factors, will also to be recorded.

The results will be analysed, discussed and made available to the municipalities for further utilisation. It should be noted that although citizen surveys on the perception of security are an important instrument for assessing the subjective security situation, they are of course complemented by data on the objective security situation.

Contact Person

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Johannes Rieckmann.

Project Partners

Project Funding

Saxon State Ministry of the Interior