Dr. Johannes Rieckmann

Dr. Johannes Rieckmann

Dr. Johannes Rieckmann holds a degree in economics and studied at universities in Bremen and Paris. He received his PhD in development economics from the University of Göttingen. After working for management consultancies in Hamburg and Brussels, he worked as a PostDoc in the Development and Security Department of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). Since August 2015, he has been a Senior Research Fellow at the BIGS. His research interests include economic issues of secure telecommunications and cybersecurity, economic costs of extremism as well as violence against first responder forces, regulatory policy related to the provision of protection by public and private service providers, and improving the resilience of cash supply and logistics in the event of a crisis.

Latest Publications:

Sicherheitsanalyse Potsdam ‒ Analyse einer Bürgerbefragung zu Lebensqualität und Sicherheit sowie der statistischen Sicherheitslage

On behalf of the Brandenburg state capital Potsdam, BIGS worked together with the Neue Köhler Management Gesellschaft (NKMG) and the IABG to carry out a security analysis for Potsdam. For […]

Dark Crypto – The Use of Cryptocurrency for Illegal Purposes

Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies based on it offer significant innovation potential for businesses and society. However, cryptocurrencies have at the same time become the favoured payment method for certain […]

State or private security supply? An analysis from the institutional economics perspective

in: Security Journal (2023). https://doi.org/10.1057/s41284-023-00370-9. Abstract: The issue of domestic security has become increasingly complex over the past decades. As there is an increasing overlap between private and public provision […]

Ein Sicherheitskonzept zur Stärkung der Resilienz der Bargeldversorgung in Not- und Krisenfällen

For three years, the BASIC project team, coordinated by BIGS, examined the cash cycle in Germany in terms of its vulnerability and, over time, came up with recommendations on how […]

Availability of Cash in Crisis and Emergencies – Lessons from Abroad

In the event of a natural or man-made disaster, a power outage, or a failure of the IT and communications network, electronic payment systems can no longer function. In this […]