Dr. Maximilian Müller

Dr. Maximilian Müller

Dr. Maximilian Müller is geographer and studied geography, economics and transport economics at the University of Cologne. From 2010 to 2014 he worked as a research assistant at BIGS with a focus on mobility, logistics and security. In cooperation with the University of Potsdam he successfully completed his doctorate in economics. As a post-graduate, he worked on major projects in the network of the universities RWTH Aachen, Cologne and Bonn until 2018. Since then he has been working as a consultant in public transport at KCW – where he gained his expertise in projects on economic issues and digitisation in transport. As a Non-Resident Fellow he continues to be available to the BIGS for questions in the field of mobility, logistics and security.

Latest Publications:

Die Rolle des Einzelwagenverkehrs für die Resilienz und Nachhaltigkeit des Güterverkehrs

Single wagonload transport is of central importance to the German industry. It provides a tightly meshed, green transport network that ensures the resilient and sustainable transport of goods by rail. […]

Bedeutung des Schienengüterverkehrs als Kritische Infrastruktur

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 had a massive impact on the supply chains of German industry and in some cases even on the supply of the population with everyday goods. […]

Zentralisierungsmöglichkeiten in der deutschen Auslands- und Katastrophenhilfe. Ansätze für eine integrierte Lagerlogistik

in: Homeland Security, Vol. 2/2014, S.47-51

Herausforderungen der Katastrophenhilfe im Ausland

in: Homeland Security 2013, S. 40-44

Organisationsmodelle gemeinsam genutzter Lufttransportkapazitäten für die internationale Katastrophenhilfe

In spite of all efforts, disasters – such as last year in Pakistan and Haiti and this year in Japan – repeatedly bring to light the deficits in the organisation […]