German Peace Index 2020


Serge Stroobants and Mohib Iqbal from the Australian Institute for Economics and Peace will present the recently completed first report on the German Peace Index.

Panel Discussion: CyberFactory#1


CyberFactory: How to make the Factory of the Future efficient and secure? As factories digitalise and adopt automation technologies, they unlock new business models, manufacturing processes and logistics methods - as well as alternative roles for the people and machines that work in the factory. At the same time, these processes result in more complex […]

Presentation “Hidden Costs of Untrusted Vendors in 5G Networks”


Presentation of the Policy Paper "The Hidden Costs of Untrusted Vendors in 5G Networks"     The introduction of the 5G mobile communications standard will bring about a technological revolution for business, industry and society. As a result, trustworthiness and sovereignty over this new supercritical infrastructure are being hotly debated on a national and European […]

China and Network Great Power Ambitions


PizzaSeminar: China and Network Great Power Ambitions   Discussions about the security of 5G networks in Germany always include the question of whether Chinese technology providers should be allowed to participate in the construction of the networks. Emily de la Bruyère and Nathan Picarsic from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies have analysed how the […]

Wunderbar Together: Reconnecting the Transatlantic Digital Economy – The Role of Trust in 5G


Wunderbar Together: Reconnecting the Transatlantic Digital Economy – The Role of Trust in 5G Date: 16th of June 2021 Time: 18:00 CEST Registration: Click here Ultra-fast 5G broadband cellular connectivity will advance a host of the technologies of the future, including Industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, drones, and telemedicine. However, the commercial opportunities offered […]

The Underestimated Risk of Cyber Supply Chain Attacks

Berlin-Mitte Berlin

BIGS, in cooperation with VTT Finland, one of the leading research institutions in Europe, has taken a closer look at the ecosystem of supply chains and considered the financial impact of attacks on them. We would like to present the main findings of this analysis in the familiar format of the PizzaSeminar, on August 19 from 12:00 - 14:00 at the IABG in Berlin Mitte.