BASIC – Resilience of Cash Supply – Security Concepts for Emergency and Crisis Situations

Project Description

In the event of protracted crises, which may arise from weather events or infrastructure disruptions, for example, the population must be able to continue to obtain basic commodities. In the event of a power outage lasting several days and affecting more than one region, for example, people must be able to feed themselves and cover their basic needs in terms of weather protection, hygiene, mobility, etc. Cash is an important basis for this if the cashless electronic payment system temporarily fails. The cash cycle must remain functional in the event of a crisis. BASIC develops a new security framework concept for this purpose. Together with relevant players such as the Deutsche Bundesbank, commercial banks, retailers and cash-in-transit companies, BIGS elaborates how the cycle can be maintained in the event of a breakdown in electronic communications and under difficult conditions. Existing contingency plans of individual actors usually only refer to their own institutions and are rather short-term in nature. These are analysed, harmonised and integrated. Furthermore, the logistics of cash supply and disposal are optimized using mathematical methods. The aim is to ensure necessary and regulated cash supply processes even in crisis situations where the data and logistics processes customary in the industry must be continued with limited direct communication.

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